Desert Light

treeflare(Print: 14″ x 20″, made at Indian Hill Imageworks on hand-coated Fabriano Artistico 640 gsm.)

I’m staring here, straight into the rising Arizona sun—6 AM in the preserve just a few hundred feet from my sister-in-law Julie’s home in Phoenix.  Since I took that shot, I’ve learned that the taboo against shooting into the sun isn’t so much a matter of a bad shot as of magnifying the radiation, through the camera lens onto one’s retina—geez.  I also didn’t imagine the effect of the flare.

chichuly5(11″ x 25″ on Fabriano Artistico)

This second print is a matter of slipping the film between 35mm frames within my ’79 Olympus XA.  Shot at the Desert Botanical Garden, it jogs between  the Palo Verde and the Chihuly spires.  I’m working on this layering and slipping of frames before leaving again for the Shetland Islands, mid-May.


Crop Detail: 5″ x 5.5″

3 thoughts on “Desert Light

  1. Beautiful shots, as always. And Chihuly! Excellent. Can’t wait to see you next week–I have some stuff to show you, too.

  2. I love this piece and all your work on this site! I will be coming to see “Who Does She Think She Is?”…can’t wait to hang out with you and tht “other” Carol at the hoop-party on September 12th, Sat., at 5pm
    Fire hoops! Be there!

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