Saturday Art Show December 5th

Shelburne Farms

Late Leaf Fall, Shelburne Farms, Vermont

Stop by Studio 239 in Bayport this Saturday, December 5th,  between 2 and 6 in the afternoon, to view new black and white prints made along the hillsides of Vermont and shot with my Zero Image, pinhole camera.   (See additional images here in Portfolio.)

The show will also feature the most recent prints from my Shetland Islands series–overlapping, panoramic images of cliffs and bays printed on Japanese Unryu and hung as scrolls; wavy, blue and green grasses, blowing in the ever present wind at Shetland on Canson Rag Photographique; and grainy, black and white pinhole shots of my great-grandmother’s croft.

Email me for directions:

The shot below, of Burra Voe in Northmavine, is printed on Washi Unryu; the natural swirls in the paper add to the ripples on the water’s surface, to the sense of constant movement in the bay off Yell Sound.

Burra Voe, Shetland Islands

One thought on “Saturday Art Show December 5th

  1. Afternoon!
    I’m writing from Shelburne Community School. You can imagine my surprise when I came upon your beautiful photography of the Shetland Islands! We, two classes of seventh graders from SCS have developed a ‘sister school’ relationship with a school on Yell in the Shetlands, Mid Yell Junior High. Each Thursday we meet and write letters, film our town, make posters, etc…..all to send to Yell!

    Might you be available one Thursday to come to our classroom and show your photos and tell us a bit about your experience in the Shetlands. You have captured so well, the beauty of the islands!

    Sue Schaefer
    Shelburne Community School

    The direct line to my office at the school is: 383-1151.


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