Ready for Rwanda 2015

book bag It’s time to leave for Rwanda again!! This year, I’m excited to be working with Ready for Reading. Founded in 2007, by Betsy Dickey, this non-profit organization funds the Rwinkwavu Community Library and Learning Center in Rwanda. I’ve volunteered to carry two, 50-pound suitcases of dictionaries, books, IT supplies, puzzles and, my favorite, JENGA!

I’ll be delivering these amazing supplies, provided by Betsy, with Augustin Hakizimana and Claudine Uwamaharo. You’ve met Claudine in previous posts, now let me introduce you to Augustin. He is a painter from the Uburanga Arts Studio and works often with young children teaching them to create abstract paintings from personal reactions, memories and experiences.

We are planning a three-day stay in Rwinkwavu, to lead multiple workshops with Augustin and myself collaborating on reading, painting and writing. We will be working with children and adult women in these instructional and creative classes.



Augustin Hakizimana at work on a public mural.

Ready for Reading shot

Ready for Reading in action.

4 thoughts on “Ready for Rwanda 2015

  1. Safe travels Carol. Looking forward to reading about your experiences. You are doing good work. Love you,Sis

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  3. Once again, safe travels my friend….. looking forward to hearing all about the trip when you get back. Love, Sis xoxoxo

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