From the Field

I’ve just finished developing shots made with my Zero Image Pinhole during my stay at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Amherst, Virginia.  I was able to develop the negatives using the coffee and vitamin C mix, Caffenol C, but didn’t have a scanner.  So these first looks at the negatives are worked up from digital shots on a light table–a way to keep up and running while on the road.

I used Fuji Acros 100 film and spot metered for the bright snow.  The radiating slats are partial angles of a wood sculpture that sits out in the field, across from the art studios here.  I shot them in late afternoon light and love the graphic effect but will see how they work up later in a scan.

White Sycamore, Sweet Briar College

Coffee Infusion

Wissahickon Creek, Fairmont Park, Philadelphia

This is a quick scan of a pinhole image processed in Caffenol C–instant coffee, Arm and Hammer, and Vitamin C.  I’ve just piloted this film developer as I set off next month for a writing retreat at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.  The blend is organic, easy to mix, and no problem throwing down a drain–so easy to take on the road.  If you’re interested in the process, see Stephen Schaub’s posts on and  Schaub is working on a book to lay out the process and the variations on different films as well as advice on scanning coffee-developed negatives and related Photoshop maneuvers.

Saturday Art Show December 5th

Shelburne Farms

Late Leaf Fall, Shelburne Farms, Vermont

Stop by Studio 239 in Bayport this Saturday, December 5th,  between 2 and 6 in the afternoon, to view new black and white prints made along the hillsides of Vermont and shot with my Zero Image, pinhole camera.   (See additional images here in Portfolio.)

The show will also feature the most recent prints from my Shetland Islands series–overlapping, panoramic images of cliffs and bays printed on Japanese Unryu and hung as scrolls; wavy, blue and green grasses, blowing in the ever present wind at Shetland on Canson Rag Photographique; and grainy, black and white pinhole shots of my great-grandmother’s croft.

Email me for directions:

The shot below, of Burra Voe in Northmavine, is printed on Washi Unryu; the natural swirls in the paper add to the ripples on the water’s surface, to the sense of constant movement in the bay off Yell Sound.

Burra Voe, Shetland Islands